Bienvenidos al Museo del Senado de la Imprenta

The Printing and Graphics Museum was created in 1986 at the initiative of the printer Mr. Ricardo Vicent with the collaboration of Mr. Gonzalo Sales, member of centennial Farinetti’s engraving company, Mr. José Huguet, owner of the “Valencian Graphic Archive”, and many printers that granted their old machines to the Museum.


Father Devesa, Prior of the Monastery of Puig, assigned part of the Monastery to install the Museum. Founded as a private Museum in November 1986, it was officially inaugurated on November 30th, 1987 by the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mr. Joan Lerma.

In 2004, the Museum was granted to the Generalitat Valenciana, which re-opened it again, expanded and improved in 2008.


The aims of the Association of Friends of the Printing Museum. Senate of the Museum, are:

Promote the Printing Museum conservation, through the study, research, development and dissemination of their assets, as well as other spaces related to graphic arts and their anthropological, historical, social and artistic values.

Safeguarding of all materials, physical, artistic and documentary objects related to the Printing Art, as well as being able to acquire goods through purchase, donation, loan, inheritance or any other title admitted by law.

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