Bienvenidos al Museo del Senado de la Imprenta

Nuevos adelantos tipográficos

¿Qué os parece el invento del «medio tipo»?

El Corresponsal (Madrid). 28/4/1843

Nuevos adelantos tipográficos. Leemos en un periódico de París…

During this interactive event, visitors will have the opportunity to explore our galleries and create their own artworks inspired by the works on display. Our museum educators will be on hand to provide guidance and assistance, and all materials will be provided.

No art experience is necessary – this event is suitable for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Just bring your creativity and a willingness to have fun!

In addition to the «Create Your Own Masterpiece» drop-in session, our museum also has a variety of other interactive exhibits and activities on view. You can explore our «Touch and Feel» gallery, where you can touch and handle a variety of art-related objects, or visit our «Virtual Reality Studio,» where you can experience art in a whole new way.

Drop-in sessions are a great way to spend a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon with family and friends, and they can be an excellent way to expand your knowledge and appreciation of art. We hope to see you at the museum this weekend for a fun and creative outing!

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